Twin Flame Triggers: How To Love Your Way Through Conflict

Twin Flame Triggers: How To Love Your Way Through Conflict

It is no secret that conflicts in your Twin Flame relationship can feel very triggering and intense. After all, no one can get under your skin quite like your Twin Flame. Because they share one consciousness with you. They know you from the inside out and have a unique ability to reflect yourself back to you more precisely than anyone else ever could. Especially when they aren’t even trying, just by being their beloved self.

You don’t even need to be in contact to have conflict with your Twin Flame. Have you ever had a fight with them that happened all on the inside with you never saying a single word to each other? Yes, it can happen with no contact too. You cannot hide or run from Twin Flame triggers.

But conflict with your Twin Flame is always healing, and it doesn’t have to be hard. Don’t get me wrong, it will always be as hard as you make it. However, you absolutely have the power to stay in your peace as you feel everything and express yourself.

First off, let’s explore what conflict between Twin Flames really means. Twin Flames share one consciousness, have the same core values, and make the same core choices. So how can there be conflict? Arguments between Twin Flames are always at the core a miscommunication or misunderstanding. Conflict can also be a vehicle for getting clear on your core choices or your shared values and the ways you are or are not living in alignment with them.

This happens because you each have places inside of you that still feel unloved. When you perceive what your Twin Flame does or says through this lens, then you will feel triggered and upset. This is a natural way for you to become aware of this part of you that feels unloved. It is an opportunity to give yourself the love you need.

Your Twin Flame’s job is to show you where you need love. It is your job to give yourself that love. Your Twin Flame cannot fill you up with love you haven’t already given to yourself.

What to do when your Twin Flame triggers you into a fight?

  1. Don’t ever take it personally.
  2. Feel your feelings and do the Mirror Exercise
  3. Respect each other’s experience without trying to control the situation.
  4. Cut through the fears and claim your Twin Flame out loud.
  5. Feel and Heal and express yourself genuinely.
  6. Take the space you need and respect the space your Twin Flame needs.
  7. Don’t wait on your Twin Flame to do the healing together. Go ahead and do it within yourself.

Don’t ever take it personally:

It’s crucial to understand that the triggers and conflicts that arise between Twin Flames are not about blaming or hurting each other. Instead, they serve as mirrors for our own unresolved issues and emotional wounds. By recognizing this, you can approach the situation with compassion and understanding.

Feel your feelings and do the Mirror Exercise:

When triggered by your Twin Flame, allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise. Take a moment to reflect on what these emotions are trying to tell you about yourself. The Mirror Exercise involves looking within and acknowledging that the qualities that bother you in your Twin Flame may be aspects of yourself that need healing.

Respect each other’s experience without trying to control the situation:

It’s essential to respect each other’s individual experiences and perspectives during a fight. Avoid trying to control or manipulate the situation to fit your own expectations. Instead, practice active listening and empathy, allowing space for open communication and understanding.

Cut through the fears and claim your Twin Flame out loud:

Always remember you love your Twin Flame and your Twin Flame loves you. Your connection is indestructible. This is your person, forever. In the middle of a fight, you can cut through any fears and illusions that your love might crumble under the intensity. Reaffirm your choice to be together and to heal. Remind your Twin Flame that your love is stronger than any fight. You are theirs and they are yours forever. Nothing that happens between you could ever supersede or destroy that. Claim your Twin Flame out loud in no uncertain terms in the way that feels genuine and from the heart for you.

Feel, Heal, and express yourself genuinely:

Allow yourself to fully experience and process the emotions that arise during a fight with your Twin Flame. Take the time to heal any wounds that may have been triggered and express yourself genuinely. This can involve doing the Mirror Exercise, meditating, pulling cards, then together sharing your thoughts, feelings, and concerns in a calm and respectful manner to understand each other clearly.

Take the space you need and respect the space your Twin Flame needs:

Sometimes, taking a step back and creating space can be beneficial for both you and your Twin Flame. If the intensity of the fight becomes overwhelming, it’s okay to take some space to reflect, recharge, and gain clarity. Respect your Twin Flame’s need for space as well, allowing them the opportunity to process their emotions.

Don’t wait for your Twin Flame to do the healing together. Go ahead and do it within yourself:

While it’s important to work on healing and growth together as Twin Flames, it’s equally vital to take responsibility for your own healing journey. Don’t wait for your Twin Flame to initiate the healing process. Instead, take the initiative to explore your own emotions, traumas, and patterns. By doing so, you can create a solid foundation for growth both individually and as a couple.

Remember, conflicts with your Twin Flame are not meant to break you apart but rather to help you evolve and grow together. Embrace these challenges as opportunities for self-discovery, healing, and deepening your connection with your Twin Flame.

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