How To Embrace The Mirror With Humility And Love

How To Embrace The Mirror With Humility And Love

The Twin Flame journey is one of love and desire, devotion and dedication. It is a journey of uncovering your true divine self and recognizing the truth of who you are in your Twin Flame. There is beauty and bliss along with the depths of the places that haven’t yet learned how to love and be loved. These unloved places can make you feel like you are not being treated with the love you deserve.

Every single thing we experience in our reality is an invitation to learn how to love ourselves and love each other. Because everything we experience is a mirror of what is going on inside our consciousness.

We all have places in our consciousness that still need to be loved. Loving these places is the process of ascension.

These unloved places are crying out for love that we haven’t given yet, so this plea for love can become infused into our actions and attitudes towards the people in our lives who we feel are supposed to be the ones showing us the love we desire.

A great example of this is with romantic love. Many people have wounds when it comes to love and parternship in romantic relationships. When you feel your Twin Flame does not show you the love you desire, consider if there is a place in you that is looking for your Twin Flame to give you that love and adoration. Your Twin Flame cannot fill you up with love and devotion in the places you aren’t loving yourself yet.

This goes for every other kind of relationship too. This especially applies to your relationship with God. If you feel you are not being loved or served or treated like the king or queen that you are, consider how your relationship with God looks like in this space of your life.

Love is the most powerful force, and love requires deep humility.

Humility helps us see our patterns and wounds and desires with honesty. So we can identify what it is we truly need in these spaces in order to heal. Without humility we will go on experiencing the same feelings of not being loved properly over and over again.

Remember, every experience is an opportunity to love and be loved. And you can choose love in any moment. In every moment. And every experience that came before has perfectly led you and everyone around you to this love in this moment.

Embrace the lessons. Embrace the journey. Embrace the mirror. And embrace the love.

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