Twin Flame Card Reading: Prepare To Build Your Shared Life Together

This reading comes from The Romance Angels.

The overall message is all about your Twin Flame relationship entering the next level together. Will you move forward in love with all that you are, or will you hold yourself back in fear? The choice is always yours. The cards support you in moving forward. Follow your heart completely. When you deepen your commitment you deepen your relationship with the divine, and all of your dreams unfold.

The greatest commitment you can make is to yourself and your healing. This is how you commit to your Union and your Twin Flame at the next deepest level. See your healing all the way through to completion. Recognizing the meanining in the mirror is the first step. You must love yourself in each wounded space all the way into peace, and welcome all of you home step by step. Your Twin Flame union is your eternal spiritual marriage, and you are already One. Make that continuous commitment to honor your true self at the core.

Your heart is sacred. Your love is holy. God is at the center of your Twin Flame relationship. As you heal your heart you transform into more of your true self. Allow your beliefs to transform along with you. Allow yourself to be taught the true meaning of love, what that looks like and feels like, as you move into the next step of your journey. Have faith in the fact that your Twin Flame union is indestructible. That all of who you are is a divine expression of love itself.

You have the power to create your reality with God. What exactly do you wish to create? Get very honest with yourself. No one else’s dreams will ever fully satisfy you. Give yourself permission to name what your heart truly desires. Permission to receive all that you dream. The time is always now, never later. Everything is unfolding for you in this moment, in perfect order.

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