I Belong In Your Arms

Another poem to delight in the heart of love. It is not perfect, but it touches me. No fears, no sadness, and no tears could ever tarnish the love between Twin Flames. That does not mean we won’t experience them together. I feel the freedom to move around is really the freedom to feel it all freely. To feel the freedom of commitment and knowing you claim your true place with God and your Twin Flame, where you are free to be you. To me that is a part of claiming all of who you are and all of your divinity inside the heart of God expressed through Twin Flame love.

I belong in your arms
Finally, I have found a place
Into which I fit Perfectly, Safely
And securely with no doubts,
No fears, No sadness, No tears.

This place is filled with happiness and laughter
Yet it is spacious enough, to allow me
The freedom to move around,
To live my life and be myself.
This wonderful place, which I never believed really existed,
I have found Finally
Inside your arms, Inside your heart, inside your love.

Deborah Bridea

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