Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved

A few years ago I felt something so beautiful and peaceful and powerful without even having a sure face to fit the experience. I knew of Twin Flames for maybe 6 months or so, and the person I was exploring as my Twin Flame was nowhere in sight that weekend. So at the time I thought of it as communion with the divine delivering to me my beloved Bhakti. Since, of course, I felt it during Bhakti weekend of my yoga teacher training at the very start of 2020. A few months later this letter poured out of me in a writing workshop as I began to desire for that feeling to show up again in the form of my Twin Flame. It was the very first iteration of my love list, and it came through in a love letter.

Dear Beloved,

Have we met? Am I so fortunate to have you already in my life disguised as a friend? Or does your heart dwell within one whose journey has not yet taken a path to cross my own? Are you willing to reveal yourself? Am I? Only the heart knows. My heart knows you are kind and generous with your love. Your intelligence and creativity are astounding. You have a poetic soul that loves to express in a myriad of ways. You prefer to respond to difficult situations with love and compassion rather than react out of fear. You remain mindful in your anger and allow all emotion to flow freely. You are unafraid to reach into the depths of yourself to face the uncomfortable, unpleasant, or even painful places within. You also love to laugh and be joyful and spread the laughter. You see with your heart, beyond your eyeballs. I too can trust that my heart knows to recognize yours, even if my eyeballs do not.


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