Twin Flame Ascension Coaching Subscription

This subscription includes 4 weekly sessions for $333 billed once every 4 weeks. After you sign up you will receive a code to use when scheduling your next session. If you would like to set a fixed schedule for the same day and time every week, then I will set that up in the schedule for you.

Terms of Service:
All sales and payments are final. Cancellations and rescheduling are required 12 hours in advance of the scheduled time or the session is void. Missed sessions cannot be made up. Subscriptions include 4 sessions to be used within the 4 week period, and unused sessions do not roll over to the next period. No recording of sessions or use of my image are allowed. Private sessions are confidential.
Coaching services are not a substitute for professional counseling or medical treatment, as I am not a licensed medical professional.